Home Automation
We provide all smart home & home automation solutions:

  • Security cameras
  • Smart door bells
  • Smart door locks
  • Smart fences for pets
  • Thermostats
  • LCD door peephole viewers

Hikvision Security Camera


This service is provided for commercial customers only.

We specialize in Digital Network IP cameras. This is the most advanced technology on the market.

Key features:
* No monthly cost
* Instant live access to cameras from any mobile device all over the world
* Motion detection notifications on your mobile phone
* Up to 2 months recording archive
* 4MP full HD 1080p 30fps cameras, weatherproof, night vision

$500 – price of 1 camera installed (price includes 4PM 1080p HD Nightvision camera, wiring, installation & setup)
$400 – NVR (2TB HDD) – provides around 2 weeks of constant recording
$600 – NVR (4TB HDD) – provides around 4 weeks of constant recording

We do not have “packages”, we charge per camera installed. To get the total multiply $500 on the amount of required cameras and add the NVR (recording unit) cost. This will be your total price. Taxes & HST included.


Smart door bell systems allow you to see the visitor at your door on your mobile device screen. Most system also provide two way audio and video communication and possibility to open the door remotely with the press of a button on your mobile device (may require compatible smart door lock for that feature to work properly).

PRICE:  $120 – installation & setup of smart door bell unit provided by customer




Smart door locks allow you lock and unlock the door with your cell phone remotely with the press of the button on the screen. They may be used in combination with smart door bell systems or just standalone. Other handy smart door lock features (depends on model) are tracking visitors, automatic door opening when your phone is in close proximity, granting guest access to visitors, etc.

PRICE:  $120 – installation & setup of smart door lock provided by customer


Nest thermostatTHERMOSTATS

New generation of smart thermostats becomes more and more popular. Nest learning thermostat is one of the most advanced among other brands and models. It has elegant design, easy to operate, has wi-fi connection and can be controlled remotely. But the most important thing is that it is self learning. After 2-3 weeks of operation it learns owners habits and starts saving money by turning down heat/ac when nobody is home, lowering temperature at night and bringing it back no comfortable level when it senses someone is at home. Installing Nest (or other brands) allows to save money on hydro bill cutting it twice in some cases. If you bought smart thermostat and need professional installation, call us and we will be able to help you. GTA Wiring is Nest Pro certified installer (Pro ID: E62-1BA).

PRICE:  $120 – installation of any thermostat model provided by customer



Peephole viewerThis small device is a convenient add-on, that gets installed inside on your door, uses existing peephole, has 2-7″ LCD screen and shows your visitors on LCD screen. Battery operated, but batteries last for 2-3 years since LCD viewer is not constantly on but only lights up for 15-30 sec when you press the button (some models automatically shows the visitor when they knock the door). The other reason why you need this device is security. If you live in apartment, visitors can see the light through regular peephole viewer and can guess whether you home or not. They also can see if you come to the door same way. LCD door peephole viewer eliminates this problem and keeps your peephole nontransparent making impossible for burglar to say if someone is home or not.

PRICE:  We have different models from $120 to $200 (price includes unit and installation). Please call for details.


Call or text (416) 700-6001  to book your installation appointment. Same day appointments available. We work 7 days a week.