Stop wasting money on your cable TV service and start receiving 30+ channels absolutely FREE. All you need is a HDTV antenna installed on your house, condo or commercial unit. Unlimited amount of TVs can be connected to one antenna. Most channels come in HD quality (1080i) and Dolby Surround Sound.

Why Use an HDTV Antenna?

Affordable online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus have given consumers viable alternatives to expensive cable and satellite TV subscriptions. Streaming services let you watch movies and TV shows at your own pace, but they don’t offer live news and sports. That’s where an HDTV antenna comes in handy. HDTV digital antennas provide a downright cheap way to watch local TV channels. Once you buy an antenna and acquire a signal, you get your local channels without any monthly fees. You will also get access to local sub-channels you can only find with an HDTV antenna. These channels feature alternate programming from network affiliates, increasing the number of shows you can watch.

Quick Over-the-air TV facts

Free Over-the-air (OTA) TV is broadcasted since the 1950s and can be picked up by antennas. It’s absolutely legal, same as listening to a radio station in your car or at home. Older TVs may require a box to convert the high-definition signal. Newer TVs can receive it directly. Picture quality is actually better than cable because the signal is not being compressed to be distributed through the cable pipe. Since 2006 most channels are broadcasted in full HD quality.

List of available channels

In GTA and surrounding areas you can get: NBC, Universal, Justice, CTV-Two, CBS, CBC, Global, ABC, Escape, CTV, Ch-Ch Hamilton, PBS, TVO, CW, Bounce TV, CBC French, WNYB, TCT, NURS, WNYB TCT, Fox, Country TV, GRIT, YesTV, Omni-1, Omni-2, MyTV, Comet, ION television, qubo, ion-life, ion+, CityTV, this, MeTV, WBBZ, Antenna-TV, Laff, Think, American Sports Network, Comet, ShopTV, etc.

Total amount of channels depends on your location, antenna elevation (roof is the best), antenna type (we install only top of the line models made in US, no cheap imitations), quality of your TV tuner (not older than 2006-year model TV is required, 2009+ TV is better). So far the highest amount of channels we could get for our customers is 58 (8-bay antenna, Oshawa region, NO repeat channels, picture proof is available).

Please note that channels like City Pulse 24, CNN, BBC, HBO, TMN, TSN, History, Discovery are not free over-the-air broadcast channels. They are “premium” channels available only through cable or satellite TV providers and only as a part of TV package. You will have to buy basic channels pack from Rogers/Bell as well as pay rental fee for Set Top Box in order to get just one of those channels. Also they are not available on pick-and-pay basis like many people think.

If you want to watch premium channels, latest movies, premium sport events and PPV we offer pre-programmed Android Boxes HOMEWORX HWA5000, 4K, QUAD-CORE, 1GB RAM, 4GB STORAGE. They have built-in TV tuner and can be used with our installed HD TV Antenna. No monthly fees, boxes update themselves. Price is $250 CAD.

List of antennas we install

For our customers we provide “all inclusive” installation packages. That means antenna type is selected according to geographical location, elevation, obstructions, and amount of TVs to be connected. We use only high quality durable antennas which provide strong stable HD reception and do not require any maintenance for decades. Our brands of choice are Antennas Direct, Winegard, Channel Master, Focus Antennas. However if you prefer certain antenna type or have the antenna already we can install it for you for a reasonable price. We guarantee professional installation, quality materials and provide warranty on labor and parts.


$350 – Basic antenna (4-bay), 1 TV hook up
$450 – Advanced (8-bay), 1 TV hook up

$80 – extra TV hook up
$40 – distribution amplifier (required more than 1 TV connected to antenna)

Call or text (416) 700-6001  to book your installation appointment. We work 7 days a week.